The Difference

Speed Matters

In today's world, speed matters as much as anything.  Call Black Diamond today to schedule your free roof inspection or leak diagnosis.   Your appointment will be scheduled within days of your call and you will deal directly with the owner for all inspections. 

Integrity and Expertise

The reality is that most roofing companies (not all) will send out a commissioned based salesman to sell you something.  Many companies still use high pressure sales tactics to get you to sign a contract that day!  Number one, you need to deal with an expert who understands and can evaluate any roof system.  Number two, you do not need to be subjected to any type of sales process.  You need honest and simple feedback that guides you in making a crucial home improvement decision.   Black Diamond Roofing was started for this exact reason.  To help solve problems and guide homeowners through an industry  plagued by mistakes and bad advice. 

Custom Solutions

Once your roof has been evaluated, its time to fix it.  What is critical at this time is coming up with a solution that is both practical for your roofing system but also for you. Sometimes, a repair is possible but just doesn't make sense.  Other times, replacement is needed but just not affordable.   You need practical advice that explains all of the options and which ones make the most sense for you at this time. Chances are, there is an option that makes sense for everyone. 

Scope of Work

One of the biggest problems withing the roofing industry is the lack of regulation.   Unlike many other forms of home improvement, roofing projects require no inspections or permits and are not regulated to follow any code of installation.  This lack of regulation leaves the door wide open for all sorts of problems.  At Black Diamond, we are committed to doing things the right way.  Your project will be specified with the proper materials and installations requirements to ensure a proper job. 

Superior Craftsmanship

Our crews have many years experience and treat each home as if it were their own. Considerations for children, elderly and pets will always be taken into account.  We have such confidence in their ability, we back our work with an industry leading 10 Year Workmanship Warranty. 

Timely Communicaiton

In the roofing industry, things happen.  Whether its unforeseen cost, bad weather or unexpected delays, there are many elements that can disrupt a roofing project.  Most homeowners understand these issues but get frustrated by contractors poor communication of them.  At Black Diamond, we will explain any  issues in the timely and professional manner.